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January 2013: BearDog Consulting provides business consulting services specializing in data management. We provide solutions targeted to our clients needs drawing on our 27 years of experience in providing custom software applications, setup and training of financial software and business operations consulting. We help clients use the computer as a powerful tool to enhance their business.

BearDog Consulting (formerly Summers & Company) began providing custom business solutions in September of 1985. Working out of a fully equipped home office, Liz makes use of current technology to provide targeted solutions for businesses both local and across the country.

Via the internet and remote access products, in addition to on-site, Liz provides data analysis, custom software solutions, product support, training and operations consulting.

The current development platforms are:

SQLServer, .NET: C#, Silverlight, Blend,

HTML, CSS, JavaScript,

Wordpress for Blog and Content Management

BearDog Consulting   Kalispell, MT 59901 · Phone: (406) 250-3859 ·liz@beardogco.com