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Custom Software

Using .NET (C#,ASP), SQLServer, PHP/mySQL and Dreamweaver as development tools, we have provided custom software solutions for clients. WordPress is the tool of choice for blogs and content management.

Sometimes there is just not an appropriate software package for a specific business application. BearDog Consulting looks to find the most cost effective and business appropriate software solution. Sometimes it is a complete custom application; sometimes it is a custom add-on to available software.

When a custom add-on is appropriate, we also write or install the tools that allow data to be either shared or transferred between applications. One of the goals is data integrity so we work on ensuring that data is entered once and usable in all necessary business operations.

Our recent Projects have included:

  • prototype, development and support (as part of a team) for UCLA Capital Programs custom software - current version C#/Silverlight/.NET/SQLServer: Web application.
  • Requirements analysis and project specification, timeline plan and budget for custom software
  • Development, installation & maintenance of custom software:
    • Concept, design, budgeting, job management and reporting system for construction management
    • Decision tree sales tool Itinerary management system
    • Accounting data conversion to custom report system (Great Plains Accounting)
    • Accounting data conversion to custom sales and marketing system (QuickBooks)

My Resume is available as a Word document here.

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