A beautiful Monday

It was one of my favorite kind of days weather-wise: it started at a cool and crisp 41F, clear skies which turned sunny, a light breeze and the high topped out just under 70F at my house.

I had windows open all day.

Bear and Auggie were out most of the day.

We had several wonderful walks

I had a good work day…

and a delicious supper of stuffed pasillo peppers.

A lovely, beautiful Monday.


A year has gone by, but never a day without a thought of Bob.

When tears threaten, I remember Margaret’s mind picture of Bob as a “big orange sun spreading love across oceans, to another continent and into her heart”. ( Big Orange Sun )

Bob: always and forever in my heart.

Zoodles for Zupper and the Montana August Singularity

Zoodles = zucchini noodles, i.e. zucchini shredded/spiralized into “noodles”.

There are various implements available to “noodle” a zucchini. I tried a $6.00 spiralizer and got what I paid for …junk that fell apart at the first zucchini.

I did not want to buy a medium-largish thing…

….then, I saw a post about a julienne peeler.

THAT was that. I found one on Amazon and ordered…

The peeler and the zoodles.

The “scraps” I saved and chopped and blended with the sauce.

Zoodles: actually, I used a summer squash and some sweet red pepper – sautéed the lot in olive oil …briefly until all was tender.

A bit of chipotle-tomato-ground beef sauce and fresh grated parmesan on top…with a side of toasted bread.

Zoodles for Zupper!


My kind of weather.

NOAA will not cotton to the term, but it is the Montana August Singularity. A weather singularity is a weather phenomenon that regularly happens around a certain date.

Search (Google, Bing or your favorite search engine) “Montana August Singularity”.


It is true – more often than not the 20 years I’ve lived here.

Pffht – NOAA! ( I emailed them and commented and ZERO reply or acknowledgement )