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Ending the week

After rain and snow and more rain, Friday started with fog which gave way to sunshine and an afternoon temperature of 62F – a Spring day!

And after my brief foray into packaged food, I got back on my “make it from scratch” path and made my own taquitos ( Baked Breakfast Taquitos) for breakfast.

Last night a cold (well, cooler) front whooshed through. I heard a bit of thunder in the wee hours and this morning is gray, rainy and blustery.

So, I decided on a bit of lemony “sunshine” in the form of Lemon Sticky Buns. I’d seen Mel’s Kitchen Café’s Lemon Sticky Buns and they were on my list of things to try.

Mine are not as pretty as Mel’s since I used a mix of whole wheat pastry flour along with the white flour (1/4 whole wheat pastry flour, 1/2 white pastry flour and 1/4 all purpose white flour) so my rolls are light brown vs white.

But, they are good and tender and flaky! And next time, I am going to try adding some dried blueberries. Currants would be good also. Or dried tart cherries…

Lemon Sticky buns … a nice bit of lemony sunshine on a gray and rainy weekend morning.

***I also subbed goat cheese for cream cheese in the glaze. I’ve subbed goat cheese for cream cheese before. I use a mild goat cheese – the logs from Costco and I like it better than cream cheese in whatever. It goes especially well with the lemon.

28 Mar 2015


We’re home.

Wild Thing is parked, unloaded, plugged in and the heat is on. It is not forecast to freeze but I just hated to roll in and shut her off! She took us safely to and fro yet again with no glitches at all.

The drive home was easy. It was gray, but dry road and actually very pretty with new snow on the mountains.

I felt great until I sat down for a late lunch and suddenly all caught up with me again. I have an afternoon meeting to stay awake for and then I think I’ll call it a day and start fresh in the morning.

We did all walk in the woods and Auggie has been out and about, but even he and Bear are currently snoring.


25 Mar 2015


The day after the good news dawned clear…

…and beautiful!

It looked to be sunny!

Although we had a good night, I was in that “afterward” state of exhaustion. The weather said rain and I had driven down in the rain. Although all went well, it was more tiring than driving in clear weather.

I had a late morning meeting.

I decided to stay a second day and relax over breakfast, coffee… a slow start.

And then it snowed.

It REALLY snowed!

So, I felt I made a VERY good call to stay :) !!

Yesterday afternoon, as Bear and I were headed back to Auggie and Wild Thing…after the good news and after being too warm (Bear and I), and not having enough water through the day (me) and not having had a whole lot to eat either (me) and despite having good food on board, I decided that I really wanted a freezer pizza that I could just stick in the oven while I drank a gallon of water and maybe a glass of wine…

This is what happens when I go to the grocery store hungry…after an intense day.

And don’t forget the ice cream!

I did add some roast broccoli from home to today’s junk food lunch!

I haven’t bought this kind of “food” in a long, long time. I enjoyed it. I don’t need to do it again for awhile, but it really hit the spot!

I did manage to work half a day today and I think we all feel better. The Jeep is hooked up and we will head for home tomorrow morning pending clear roads – hopefully mid-morning to get home by noon or shortly after.

And the capper…a beautiful waxing crescent in a clear night sky.

24 Mar 2015

Good news for Bear!

No horrible anything showed up on Bear’s ultrasound. There are indications of non-symptomatic Cushings Disease which is not fatal and with no symptoms, not much of anything, i.e no treatment needed, just keep an eye on things.

I really liked the vet – he listened, took time and was very gentle with Bear. Internal stuff is his business so he has a VERY good ultrasound machine and is VERY good at reading it AND explaining to me. Bear did not need to be shaved and he was comfortably on his side and relaxed with me scratching his ears. Except for the fact that both Bear and I were TOO warm in the clinic, it was an easy and non-invasive thing and I am happy to have met this vet as well as I feel confident about his findings and the information he gave me.

So, no follow up appointment, no further tests and no surgery and scary thing goes on the back burner!

Bear and I are beat!

But, I am so glad we came in the motorhome. We finished up at 4:30 and no way would I want to drive home. I am glad we can all relax and enjoy this evening.

Auggie did a bit of yowling before he settled, but he was out and about shortly after we parked and got set up. I brought some of his toys which he promptly found and he has settled into RV mode!

Not sure what we will do tomorrow. I have a mid-morning meeting. I’ll decide in the morning what to do after that.

Thank you, thank you to all who lifted us up with good thoughts today. Getting the motorhome ready to roll, driving down and the vet appointment all went so very smooth. HOO – RAH!!!

23 Mar 2015