Snippets from Thursday

Work deadline met.

A good meeting had.

End of Thursday!

A bit of Fall color.

The woods is coloring up also.

A very serious Auggie!

Bear in the yard and there is nothing wrong with my camera…the forest service started several burns for forest health…on Monday. It remains to be seen how this will affect people and critter health.

It is VERY smoky.


I’m all for forest health, but I have a wonder about the timing…what do I know???

***Update: I don’t know much! This morning’s paper reports that the smoke is from California fires and came this way on the unusual southwesterly air flow of last week. However, the air flow is back to our west-northwest normal and NOAA says things should clear today.

An Auggie tail…

The front part of Auggie…under the chair…

Snippets from Thursday.

A simple supper

It has been a “nose to the grindstone” kind of week so far.

Work goes well, but a bit intense for a Thursday meeting/deadline.

Auggie and Bear are well. Auggie and I have had a chat and I’ve had a chat/prayer with Him and as always with my cats, ultimately I must let them be cats and trust in His Hand. I’m kind of 50/50 with that but getting better :)

Meanwhile, tonight…

A favorite meal of toast with tomatoes and capers and mozz and under the broiler…

A simple supper.

Burst tomato, zucchini, goat cheese galette…extraordinaire!

The galette!

Burst tomatoes, zucchini, and a goat cheese/parmesan mix with a brioche crust.

Super-duper good!!!

Meanwhile, Auggie-boy is a bit put out with me.

I am a bit put out with him.

He is crossing the road. He is and has been visiting both my across the road neighbors and my next door (Plowing and Wood cutting and 8 years wonderful neighbors…neighbors that love birds!) neighbors.

I thought, given his attachment to Bear and I that he would be more of a home boy.

It is worrying on many counts and I’ve been keeping him in a bit more which is maybe not helping the gadabout tendency.

This afternoon, I tried some distraction with long put away toys. Auggie did not buy that at all!

Still thinking on this.