Let it snow

As early as Sunday evening, a Winter storm was forecast: wind, snow and blowing snow.

Pretty much on time, it started snowing and blowing.

I was grateful to be home working as it started warm with a cold rain which quickly froze and then the snow and wind. There was a lot of slipping and sliding around the valley, including an accident nearly at the end of my driveway. There is a curve and one or more did not negotiate it and collided. Heads were bumped, but all released. It did take forever to get tow trucks for the vehicles because of other accidents.

Ultimately, the snow fall was on the light end: 3 inches in town and less than a half inch at my house.

Today, Thanksgiving Day, dawned clear and very cold at 8F.

It was a good day to have the oven and the woodstove going.

A beautiful, beautiful day that included walks in the woods, time on Beardog Point…

and time in front of the fire.

Now – Let it snow!

Another weekend gone a bit awry

Thursday, the first of this year’s Meyer Lemons from Lemon Ladies (www.lemonladies.com) arrived at my house. Good grief! – they are beautiful and one as big as an orange. But more important, the flavor is superb and Karen, the proprietress of Lemon Ladies emailed me that they will only get better as the season progresses. Hoo-rah!

My first use of one of the Meyer’s was in this Meyer-Lemon Rosemary Sourdough boule. I am very much loving the sourdough: everything – maintaining the starter, using the starter, the flavor the starter imparts. Starter has taken my bread to another place.


Weekend plans included making a Meyer Lemon marmalade, finishing the raking/pick up sticks after last Tuesday’s storm, some cooking for the upcoming week and a visit with Sara – Sara who house and Bob-sat some years ago.

Then…I finished the week light in hours and progress toward a work deadline lacking.

A Winter Storm was forecast for Tuesday.

And then a plumbing issue.

I cancelled with Sara, gathered supplies and fussed with the plumbing.

This morning (Sunday), I headed to town and came home with a “Black Friday” sale item: a 16 gallon wet vac. My 4 gallon wet vac just did not have it for keeping up with the plumbing issue.

This vac did, but I was still unable to clear things up and with a holiday approaching and the thought of kids and grandkids descending on grandparents’ homes and taxing the plumbing … I called Roto-Rooter: 24/7 clearing of clogged drains.

All was cleared quickly and after 24 hours of the motorhome being in service as a high-end outhouse, the house Summers was back to business as usual.


In the whole scheme of things and with the world seemingly in chaos, my plumbing issue seems minor…unless you are me. I am grateful it is resolved.

I hope to have 3 mega-work days and then a four day weekend during which I will celebrate, as is my custom, with Bear and Auggie and a turkey dinner of my own making. Meanwhile, I will keep in prayer: the world, those that travel, those that have fear and anger.

My peace.

My joy.

On a weekend that went a bit awry.

Winter Storm

A high wind warning with mountain snow has been in the forecast for this afternoon through midday tomorrow.

I think they are correct.

It looked like the above, at midday today, along the road home. The wind was gusty and cold.

There is not a lot of snow forecast, but you never know. The snow thrower is ready.

I split wood and stocked the front porch wood stack and carry bag.

And I made bread! That is a loaf of Dark Rye Sourdough – hoo rah!

Extra hoo-rah because as I’ve been writing this post, the power went out.

But we have bread, battery powered candles, battery counter lights and all electronics are charged up, including the hotspot that gives me internet. And apparently the cell towers have power, because everything internet is working.

First Winter Storm: Winter 2015-2016.

**This post completed on battery power :)

***The power was out a bit over an hour at my house, but this morning’s news reports that 6500 are without power at 8:00 a.m. this morning. Lot of tree limbs are down in my yard and woods – a mess, but not near as bad as other spots.