Sweet tales

This past week had its challenges.

Those challenges led to a very underwhelming work week.

But as difficult as the week was, it was “good” for me and it led to taking Friday – Sunday (today)…completely OFF!

Bear and I went to town on Friday morning – EARLY! We stopped for a walk on the way and then I took my time doing some food shopping at a few locations – locations with good shade parking and it was early.

Then I had a chance to talk with my boss and friend of 13 years duration and also my neighbor and friend of 8 years duration and I prayed and I thought and I finally settled and let go of the light work week and took the weekend to find my peace.

I found it.

I found peace in the kindness and thoughtfulness of my boss, my neighbor, my folks, and the quiet of my home space…

“We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.” Charles Swindoll


My reaction is quiet.

And solitude.

And time with dear Bear and Auggie.

That tail – that tail alone makes me smile and laugh.

And this tail.

This tail in sweet slumber on my bed.


And even the weather cooperated with cool temps…

…and sweet rain!

Sweet tails/tales of a week that is ultimately VERY good. I am grateful for the challenging, for the support, for the love and peace and for all lessons learned.

Sweet tales indeed.

*** in light of last week’s uber-light work week, this coming week will be head’s down and full speed ahead work-wise so posts may be light/non-existent as I catch up. Happy Week!

Another bear story and another fuzzy bear photo

Kind of funny timing.

Earlier this week, the house was being shown by a realtor, Kristen, that lives just up the road from me. And the lookers were members of her family. They were asking me about wildlife and Bear (Bear the beardog). And did we often see bears? I said that I usually saw them or sign of them in the Spring and Fall but hadn’t seen any this year. Neither had Kristen.

So, this morning, Bear, Auggie and I had just gone out and we were all ambling about…7:15 ish a.m. The breeze was blowing toward us from the East and Bear started sniffing and doing the nose in the air thing that means “bear”! He started walking East and the nose went up again. I called him to “Stay” and he did and then I saw the bear (an actual bear). I told Bear (the beardog) “Inside” and he went. Auggie was hunting critters by the house and the bear had not even looked our way and was walking along the east property line which is what they always do – funny.

Got the camera and ran back out. You think the bears are just walking slowly but as they are big, they cover a lot of ground quickly.


From about 100 yards away from the bear and 20 yards from the house which is as close as I care to go out of both safety and respect for the bear.

Same photo as above but cropped. Fuzzy. Rats.

Although the bear looks brown, no sign of a hump. The last several bears I’ve seen have been brown. I still think they are “black” or “cinnamon” bears vs grizzly, but I guess it could be a young grizzly. It was a bear, though!

If Auggie caught any bear scent, he did not show any indication or concern. The critters around the rock were pretty active – even I could hear their squeaks.

Bear was watching from the bedroom and not making a sound.

And the sun came up through a very smoky sky.

It is a privilege to see a bear moving through, being a bear and going about his or her bear business, but I sure would like to get a great photo of one of them!

Beating the heat

As I write this, it is actually cooler: 79F vs 89F.

But, it is VERY smoky from wildfires in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

VERY smoky as in today, in addition to looking smoky, it smelled smoky.

And I pray for those who have lost homes (100 in Washington) and also for the wildland firefighters. I still often think about the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots that lost their lives last year. …and the families they left behind. Wildland firefighting is super dangerous business.


But part of Western Summers.

At my house, we must live and deal.

Several things to beat the heat:

Agua Fresca. Fresh Water. With some fruit and a teeny-tiny bit of sweetener. For my purposes agave nectar.

My current favorite: cantaloupe, lime juice and red raspberries.

It is like Hawaiian Punch, the light version.

I usually fill 1/3 of a mug with the fresca and top with my own sweet carbonated well water.

Srsly good and refreshing!

Early May, I started making my own popsicles.

Yum, but recently, I saw something about Zipzicle bags…kind of Ziploc bags but thin and tall with the zip at the top of the tall.

I bought some to try.

Kind of fun.

And easy.

And I can think of other ways to use these: bits of sauce…think chipotle peppers in adobo sauce for one.

The company also sells neoprene sleeves for the popsicles so that one does not freeze one’s fingers while eating the ice treat.

SO much fun!

And last, but certainly not least.

I’ve been drinking my cold brew ( Cold Brew ) for weeks.

It turns out that chocolate ice cream in place of the maple syrup and cocoa, makes a VERY delicious iced mocha.

Beating the heat!