Raspberry-Lemon Brioche Sweet Roll

Although, I made the sweet roll on Thursday morning, I saved half for this morning.

And as this Friday morning, the last work day before a three day weekend, started rainy and gray, I was very glad to have a bit of scrumptious sweet to start my day.

I keep portions of brioche dough in the freezer for this kind of sweet roll emergency! Many folks like puff pastry for this kind of roll, but I am not a fan of puff pastry: I like the flavor, but find that puff pastry is SO flaky that I always feel like I end up with more on me than in me.

The brioche dough bakes up with a flaky crumb that holds together. This particular batch is 1/2 white whole wheat plus a bit of pumpkin in the dough for tenderness and some extra nutritional value. The filling is goat cheese, lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar with some raspberries on top of the filling but under the dough, making for yummy bites of goodness that is not too, too messy!

Raspberry-Lemon Brioche Sweet Roll on a rainy morning.

A bit of sun

It rained in the night, but at dawn it was not raining and no puddles … the ground here on this foothill of the Rocky Mountain “back” sieves like a … sieve!

And though we needed all of this rain, I do confess that it was nice to have a break.

Bear is not sad … that is his “don’t keep pointing that darn camera at me” look. But it is natural light, i.e. early morning sunlight in the sunroom!

Sun and lupins and Auggie in the woods – glorious!

Yes, some clouds, but sun is shining on my little house and its front porch.

Some inside sunshine: fresh made Ghee.

The forecast for today was rainy…

but surprise… !!

After the early morning sun, it was cloudy and gray, but mid-afternoon it cleared. I could not resist. Bear and I took a quick trip to the dump and to Bigfork. We didn’t need to, but I wanted to and Bear is always up for a ride in the Jeep.

And it was worth it.

A bit of sun.