Sunday in Provo

It was a day!

Daily bread.

Cranberry Jalapena Salsa … upper left. And I used some of the remaining red pepper, jalapeno and apple in a cabbage slaw.

After the morning’s baking/food prep, Bear and I headed for a walk path I saw yesterday. It looked like the path headed to a spot to see Utah Lake.


The road and the path are asphalt. It rained a LOT yesterday and went just below freezing overnight. I live in Montana. I know about black ice. I SHOULD have known.

No problem with the Jeep, but I unloaded Bear, had my camera around my neck and then went striding off to the path…and promptly was flat on my back on the asphalt. I took inventory before getting up. Meanwhile, Bear did a “Bambi” sprawl. We both recovered and got to our feet.

My camera…the UV filter saved the lens…more on that later.

We made our way carefully to the walk path which was dry.

We walked to a spot where the lake was visible and then the path got icy so we turned around.

The scene of the fall…

Back to the motorhome and I took some Advil as a precautionary measure, but I feel fine.

On we go.

I hope Auggie is doing some of my work.

The camera.

The UV filter ($20) is history. I was able to get a replacement, BUT…I cannot get the damaged filter off the lens. The filter was probably slightly dented and it will just not undo. I’ll take it to the shop when I get home. Meanwhile, I have a different lens on the camera and all is well.

Better news…the Cranberry Jalapena Salsa was excellent and much enjoyed as I watched some Sunday football.

Sunday in Provo.

***My current “plan” is to roll north at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. If all goes well and I feel up to it, I’ll try for Dillon, MT for tomorrow. It will be a longish day but I’ve had 2 days rest and am ready to back in Montana.

Sometimes it is nice to be in a big city

The weather was forecast to be wet and cold.

The morning started with some sun between the clouds. I knew that I wanted to get some things done early.

As early morning was nicer than I thought it would be, Bear and I headed toward Utah Lake. We are in Lakeside RV Campground. Utah Lake is a freshwater lake about 1/2 mile from the campground. According to some online sources, Utah Lake is slightly saline as it does get some feed from Great Salt Lake.

First evidence of a large lake was the marina storage area…

…with a LOT of large sailboats.

And an adjacent ranch with the Wasatch Mountains as a dramatic back drop.

We wound around the ranch and back to the road that headed toward PetSmart…Bear’s Greenie supply was running a little low.

Being a bit early for PetSmart, we continued on and…

…found a store named Sprout’s Farmers Market. It was a large natural food grocery …kind of a slightly smaller Whole Foods. It was wonderful and I had a great time browsing as well as buying. Friendly people, especially a young woman in the vitamin/supplement area who is planning a trip to Glacier National Park next September. She had great questions and had obviously done some research – fun to speak with her!

Headed back to the campground, I noticed that the lake was visible. There were wonderful views but none at a place that I could stop and take a photo…the stoplight with a peek-a-boo view was the best I could get.

A bit of the haul: greenies, some Bob’s Red Mill Artisan flour (I’ve not seen this at home and am excited to try it!), fresh rosemary and fresh mint – I really hope they survive the trip home – ginger for my ginger syrup, the rest is for a cranberry-jalapeno salsa which hopefully will be tomorrow’s football watching snack.

Shortly after returning with supplies, the wind blew, it started raining and things looked like the forecast.

Bear and I made one more Jeep trip into Provo…Old town Provo with the mountains obscured by the low clouds.

Back in Wild Thing, the dark, rainy day encouraged naptime for Auggie…

…and Bear.

But the fresh rosemary and mint made for a bit of “light” on a dark day.

A fun day in a city.

Right now, we are set to stay until Monday morning. Hopefully the wind and snow north of here will have subsided and we’ll make a dash for Montana.

Green River to Provo, Utah

A GREAT day on the road.

The last day of 2 lane travel until the last leg Missoula to home.

The Green River to Spanish Fork (the 2 lane part) is much improved from 4 years ago which was my last drive on this route. There are more passing lanes and more turnouts so easy for me to allow faster traffic to pass. This has been true of all 2 lane legs on this trip.

From the road:

As all went better than expected and I approached Provo much earlier than I had anticipated…I dithered about going further or sticking to my thought of Provo and seeing what happened with the approaching weather…

…the approaching weather.

Ultimately, I decided to stick to my thought of Provo.

Provo looks to stay south of the worst of the weather: warmer and more rain than snow.

And the RV Park online looked nice.

The online info did NOT disappoint. (see Instagram for the wonderful dog run and how close our site is to the dog run and the views from the dog run!)

It was a stellar day!

Sunny and warm in Wild Thing! Windows open, roof vents open and a great spot!

The Auggie-boy…he is doing SO well and with so much interesting to see at each venue, he does not seem unhappy with not being outside. My mom and I have talked about what we think he might do on return home…it will be interesting :) !!

The Bear-boy is doing well also! As usual, we have had good experience with nice spots to walk.

Sharing work space.

The sundeck.

Sunset Provo.

‘night, ‘night.

Moab to Green River (Utah)

Moab and I did not really get along. It is not all Moab’s fault.

Moab is a tourist town.

BUT – except for Arches National Park (Bust for Bear and me), I did not really explore out of town. I think there is more, but the whole “canyon” thing felt a bit claustrophobic to me. I’m more of a mountain person.

The RV “Resort” was not very “resort-y”. I was in the “cheap seats”, but I did get a look at the other side…tight spots with the main difference being the “resort/owner’ area was on concrete pads vs gravel. Still…tight pad sites. AND, this morning – thinking I’d do a load of laundry…the “cheap seat” area laundry room had all of 3 washer/dryers and they were the small versions. Odd.

At any rate, I had no problem moving on.

Green River.

Mesa or ??? … beautiful!

After setting up in Shady Acres RV Park, Bear and I headed out for Goblin Valley RV Park which according to my GPS was less than 1 mile away.


The GPS location pointed to a residential area.

We gave up and went home for a walk around the RV park…a GREAT walk as there appear to be nothing but working folks here and so far no other canines.

BUT !!!

Apparently Goblin Valley is not a myth…just because we could not find it.

But it was reported to be red rock hoodoos and as we have seen plenty of red rock…


The mesa from our spot.

Bear and Auggie checking out the current surroundings.

So much to see.

Evening out my dinette window.

Day is done in Green River, Utah.