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We’re still here and all are well!

The work week was a bit intense with a project deadline on Friday … hours long group work sessions left me feeling like…


And NOT feeling like spending any additional time at the computer.

The weather has been beautiful with cool nights, crisp mornings and sunny afternoons, so when I had opportunity for a break, I was outside with Bear and Auggie.

The lily of the valley are budding and maybe this week there will be some blossoms and their wonderful fragrance.

The rhubarb is up, but like last year, it does not look as robust as prior years. Hopefully, I will get enough to make some chutney in 2 or 3 weeks.

The herbies in jars are all still alive and growing – and I love the colorful jars on the windowsill.

If you saw my Instagram this week…a lone daffodil came up in the woods. A bit baffling since they grow from bulbs, but maybe was in some dirt I dumped and finally made its way up. As soon as it bloomed, I picked it to save it from the deer and enjoy inside.

Happy week!

26 Apr 2015


The week ended well: good work completed, decisions made on some pending items and BEAUTIFUL weather!

We are currently full on Spring. There will no doubt be brief bouts of Winterish weather, because this is Montana, but mostly the weather is behaving like Spring.

I’ll spare you a close up…

… Auggie the hunter with the day’s “catch”.

Even on sunny, Spring days…afternoon naps are required…

This weekend….this weekend was an outdoor chore weekend. My outdoor chore list has been growing for weeks and this weekend there were no excuses for any more procrastinating.

I started yesterday (Saturday) with the roof. Specifically with blowing the pine needles off the roof. The battery(s) of my blower and my back made it through 2/3 of the roof as well as a bit of raking up of the downfall.

And I put up the doorway split screens.

And did a serious vacuum/floor cleanup – that was inside, but still a chore!

And then I said enough and planned my supper and a long soak in my stock tank hot tub.


The beginnings of my sustenance for Sunday’s chores: poached eggs over sautéed kale and bacon with some pumpernickel toast.

Not in the photo…a lemon sticky bun.

The rest of the house roof and the garage roof were cleaned. All downfall was raked up and dumped on the burn pile.

I had a shower.

Since the motorhome was moved away from the garage so as not to be covered with the garage blow off…I took it to town for a fill of propane and fuel.

And then I said “Done”.

We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday afternoon. (Auggie is barely visible just to the right of the big tree)

Happy Day!

***Edit: I also put out the wasp/hornet traps…the early traps to catch the queens…

19 Apr 2015

Taking a break

In addition to a full work schedule there have been some snafus that required me to run about town MUCH more than normal and finally after a very early start this morning, I hit the wall midafternoon. All was mostly resolved, work mostly on track, it was cold and rainy…

…so followed Bear’s example…

And took a nap!

I feel much better.

Tomorrow is a new day so onward we go.

Also, re Bear: it is 3 weeks since our trip to the internist. Based on my reading (holistic veterinary sites), I changed Bear to a high protein/low carb diet and also added a Chinese herb blend: Si Miao San (Four Marvels). He started seeming more comfortable the first week and it continues. The main thing I’d noticed was that he often seemed too warm, to the point of panting. He sought cool spots on the floor instead of his usual spot in the chairs or on the bed. That has mostly gone away and I can just see in his eyes that he feels better. YEA!

14 Apr 2015

End of the week

Tax day cometh and with it so much to do in addition to the usual, so it was a FULL week.

BUT, the weather…the WEATHER!! – it was beautiful and in defiance of the forecast it was mostly sunny and warm.

Friday afternoon with a forecast of a stormy weekend, I stopped work early and enjoyed the outdoors with Bear and Auggie. I am fortunate to have flexibility in my work schedule and decided I’d rather enjoy the sun and work over the weekend in the rain/snow if the weekend forecast was to be believed.

In addition to tax day etc., I saw my local herbalist this week and came away with a regimen that included 7 nights of hot baths.

My little house has a LARGE walk in shower, but no bathtub.


The herbalist folks suggested a kiddie pool. That led me to my local “home and ranch supply” place and lo and behold that place had a SALE on a 100 gallon stock tank (Rubbermaid) … as in a watering trough for stock: horses, cows, etc.

I bought one.

Ya… Montana hot tub…I can hear neighbors Mike and Nancy laughing!! (THEY have a REAL hot tub :)! )

But, it worked and it was wonderful and I wish I’d thought of it sooner. My instructions were to soak for 30 minutes in as hot of water as I could stand.

So I did.

On the front porch.

And it felt SO good! Afterward, I took a quick rinse off shower, went to bed and slept wonderfully.

I can’t wait until tonight, to repeat.

This afternoon – Saturday – it is blustery and cool and feels more like Fall, than Spring. The gusts are causing the pine trees to rain pine cones which sent Bear and Auggie inside…

… to nap.

End of the week.

11 Apr 2015