Wonderful Windy Wednesday in Wyoming

Sometime in the night…late Tuesday or early Wednesday, the wind came up. Not unusual for Wyoming, but given that it was calm (relatively) when I arrived and no forecast for a windy Wednesday, I was surprised.

Even early Wednesday morning, it was very windy. The revised forecast did not hold out any hope for an abatement of the wind until late Wednesday.

I paid for a 2nd night at Ft. Caspar…did laundry, worked, walked with Bear and took a Jeep ride to a natural food grocery for a few items.

It was a wonderful, windy, Wednesday in Wyoming!

Scenic photos on Instagram.

After the laundry, the working, the ride and the walks…a nap!

Pizza Wednesday in progress.

Pizza success and the capper…game 7 of the World Series which I can watch as I have cable TV here!

At 8:15, in the top of the 6th inning: Giants 3, Royals 2

So far, a great game with the best double play I’ve ever seen in the 2nd. Yowza, I love baseball and this is so much fun. A great capper to this wonderful Wednesday.

Billings to Casper: into Wyoming

The morning started cold…the first morning below freezing this trip. No problem for Wild Thing and we left the RV Park at 7:45. 5 miles down the road, I stopped for fuel and also added 3 cans of bg44K to the tank for cleaning.

Then, down the road we went…

…and into Wyoming.

Wyoming scenery.

Lake de Smet. I remember the name, but did not remember seeing so much of the lake…and such blue water. A surprise in arid, dusty Wyoming.

Just a bit of tech info: 3 years ago when I drove this route, I had a brief exposure to 4gLTE in the Denver area. This trip, I’ve had 4gLTE the entire way! I’ve noticed cell towers all along the way and this one – kind of in the middle of nowhere – just an example.

Fort Caspar Campground. Yes, the spelling is correct. It is Fort Caspar in Casper, Wyoming. I don’t know what happened ???

There is a walk in the scrub all around the perimeter of the campground. I didn’t take the camera. There are a LOT of rabbits and I’ve never felt comfortable making sure I control Bear (or Karl) amid the wild-ish critters. So these photos of the campground from inside the motorhome.

More campground.

Around the perimeter of the campground are long term persons – working in the area. The “middle” is mostly overnighter’s like me. But today/tonight, we have a lot of room.

Stuffed shells, roast cauliflower and some toasted rolls for supper.

A good travel day with the least amount of wind I’ve ever experienced into Casper. It was a 276 mild day and we have an even shorter hop tomorrow to Fort Collins.

It was a togetherness kind of travel day. Auggie rode under my chair today. Bear always rides on the engine “hump” with his nose next to my left leg.

I’m looking forward to getting to Fort Collins tomorrow as we will sit there until Saturday.

Billings Day 2: a work day

We started early this Monday morning.

Auggie is more comfortable every day. For the first time, he slept with me as normal. Prior, he would come and snuggle briefly and then go out under the recliner and repeat. And the last 2 mornings, he’s napped in the recliner after getting up. I’m very happy with how he is doing on his way to being an RV cat!


After sunrise, a morning walk with Bear and then breakfast for all, before both Bear and Auggie took up watch from the dash.

The morning meeting, scheduled for 1 hour went 3 1/2 hours. Blech!

After, Bear and I took a Jeep ride to the absolute worst WalMart Super Center I’ve ever been to. Dirty, not well stocked – a mess! I got the few things I wanted and we came home. I’m not a fan of Billings which doesn’t seem to have much going for it “in town”. The surrounding rural countryside is beautiful, though.

Late afternoon, a fresh batch of ginger syrup for my ginger soda was made.

Bear and I went for a walk to the river on the park’s nature trail (see Instagram photos).

A bit more work and then as the sun started down…

…the low sun lit the gold hued trees.

Spectacular light!

We sit in a very pretty spot.

David Lebovitz’s Fresh Corn Soup for supper.

The plan for tomorrow is to roll by 8:00 a.m. latest for Casper, WY. I’ll try to get going a bit earlier as I need to stop for gas fairly soon and it has been very windy between Billings and Casper (typical), but it is supposed to be not too bad tomorrow. At any rate, the earlier we get going and get to Casper, the better. Hopefully arrival is 1:30-2:00 p.m. and I will work in the afternoon.

Sunday: Missoula to Billings

The travel day went well.

We left the RV Park just after 8:30. Just down the road, before interstate, I stopped to get propane, gas and air in the tires. Then parked and cleaned myself up. I left the travel plaza just before 10:00 a.m. with 345 miles to Billings and hoping to beat the forecast heavy rain and possibly snow.

Some rain right away and wind and the look of the sky had me a bit anxious.

But it cleared, the road dried and although the sky still looked ominous and it was windy, the wind was off my rear quarter and manageable.

Montana’s Big Sky: just beautiful!

There were so many beautiful vistas: rivers, the gorgeous Fall colors…but I couldn’t always get the camera. There was more traffic than I expected for a Sunday in late October.

Coming off the steep grade (7%) of Homestake Pass.

A quick stop for a cup of coffee and an apple hand pie.


Bozeman Pass was the challenge of the day. The road was very wet and the temperature was 37F with snow nearly down to the road. But aside from being very messy and slowing me down a bit, it didn’t get worse than a lot of water on the road.

I was parked at Yellowstone River RV Park in Billings by 5:15 p.m. and it was still light! I only come to this park in the “off” season. It is expensive and tight spots – I’d never come in the summer. But Fall/Winter/Spring, it is one of the only options and in the area for overnighters (vs live aboards) there is a lot of elbow room and great walking.

Auggie did much better today. He did ride under the recliner, but that was better than under the sleeper sofa. I can see him under the recliner. He meowed a bit at the start, but then quieted. After arrival, he came out after Bear and I had our before supper walk. I think he will continue to get more comfortable with the routine.

We are here for 2 nights so a quiet non-moving day tomorrow. Most of the other park residents are probably off to work tomorrow so we might try a harness and leash outing for Auggie. There is a nature trail walk to the river for Bear.

There are more “along the way” photos on my Instagram. Instagram makes it very easy to post a photo with a few words.