Barking up the wrong tree

It continues to be warmer than is normal. The snow continues to melt. The sun pops out now and again…also some squirrels. I guess the squirrels are taking advantage of bare ground to further add to their food stores. They are also teasing Bear and Auggie by chittering from the trees.

That’s the varmint!!

Ferocious Beardog!

Yes, well…I don’t think the squirrel is up there, but a small bird is…

Bear has about had enough.

Time to relax on Beardog Point.

Soft light: December

It is December 20.

Five days until Christmas.

Here, in Northwest Montana, we should be knee deep in snow.

But, we are not. The ground is mostly bare.


But inside the house…

Soft light…

I LOVE the new furniture arrangement…the chair in the kitchen with ottoman and lamp… It has changed my routine for the better. Hard to explain, but in some way, it helped to separate work/non work and I am actually getting to my desk for “work” more timely.

And evenings – EVENINGS!! – I have had evenings.

Auggie’s room….

The bedroom…sanctuary…peace.

Fireside…Bear’s room…

Soft Light…December.

Around the house

I’m not sure who the winner is here…

So, I’m still a bit out of kilter on my bedtime/wake up time, but it is better than it was! I’m in bed 7:30 ish and up 4:30 ish…BUT, I normally wake between 10 and 11:00 p.m. and Bear and I have a nighttime outing. I love being out especially the last few nights when it was crystal clear with a zillion stars.

But back to morning… I was up shortly after 4:00 this morning and got on a bit of a cleaning binge and then cruised a few food blogs while making coffee. I do mean a few as I’m down to a couple that I keep an eye on and a couple more that when I think about it, I look.

This morning, I looked at The Kitchn. And there was a link to the sister site Apartment Therapy – a post about sitting areas in the kitchen: Sitting nooks in small kitchens. I first thought: “How funny”. But, the photos were intriguing. I read the comments and it was kind of amazing how many said they had a reading nook in the kitchen.


I looked at the dark corner where my little, uncomfortable table with 2 chairs sits…and I wondered…and then I rearranged furniture…at dark o’clock in the morning…

Right away, I thought: “NO! – I do NOT like this…not working.”

Then, I thought: “Well, maybe I’ll try it through Christmas.”

Shortly, I was kind of liking it.

I liked it more and more.

So…at least through Christmas and then ???

You never can tell what might work around the house.