Rollin’ with it

According to NOAA, our week of cool was to come to an end today.

But, it started cool and took until late afternoon to really feel hot.

We topped out at 85 vs the 91 forecast…at my house, anyway.

And we enjoyed.


Yes, I decided not to sell the house (property).

The timing was wrong on several fronts:
realtors expressed that I overpriced and they passed that on to their clients
showing the house meant a spiffing up and disruption as I got us all in the motorhome for a 2 hour window around the showing time
I didn’t have a good idea of where I wanted to go
Bear and Auggie are doing so well here
I’m not unhappy here
I have 2 neighbors that are GOLD: Mike and Nancy next and Jesse and Melanie across the road. GOLD!!

Yes, I have the dream of the little house, etc., but the current reality is pretty darn good also.

The timing was just wrong for me and for us.

I am so happy and relieved to not be “selling”.

And the fact that the Yellow Jacket thing appears to be a non-thing and the woods, the front porch, Beardog point – all are enjoyable – BONUS!

The construction…about 150-175 yards from the front porch.


But we are rollin’ with it :) !!


This time last year I was complaining and worrying about yellow jackets.

This year, despite the April/May trapping of A LOT of queens- I figured I didn’t trap them all and percent-wise, etc – I thought we were in for another bad year, but NO yellow jackets. No Wasps, No nothing of the flying/stinging/biting sort of insect.

I have been sitting on the front porch with a sweet beverage and/or a snack and have not been bothered by any flying thing.

Same with a chair on Beardog point.

Every day this happens, I am grateful.

Last year, it was buzzy EVERYWHERE.

This year, we sit, we walk and it is “normal”.


But, I cannot believe it is the last week of July.

And then it will be August.

Last year August was difficult. Bob’s stuff and losing Bob.

I miss that darn Bob and have been dreaming about him.

Nothing to do but go forward.

And try to get to normal.

The week in review

The week went swimmingly until Thursday…

It was a wonderfully cool week weather-wise.

The dire forecast of severe weather and wind did not happen in my neck of the woods.

But, there were plumbing issues…and those will extend into next week. (washer drain…)

It is always something.

Still, more good than difficult, this week so we say YEA!!

In a nutshell:
cool weather
I decided to take the house/property OFF the market!
We are all well!
Between my next and across the road neighbors we are doing a kind of 3-way barter to get all of our properties ship-shape!


Part of the 3-way thing…trees down to be split and stacked and split with the neighbor who took them down.

The boys enjoying…

The boys having a conversation…

The clear blue sky…no smoke…and cool!!!

Shell peas from Farmer’s market. SO good. I had them with butter and salt and spaghetti for a side with seared Copper River King Salmon and also with chicken and gravy over potatoes.

It looks like Fall, but it was today…Saturday 7/26. Two windstorms brought down a number of branches. I had picked up the large things but there were a number of medium sized things…too big for the little green machine to eat…so I got out the rake this cool morning and did some cleaning up.

The week in review.

Sweet tales

This past week had its challenges.

Those challenges led to a very underwhelming work week.

But as difficult as the week was, it was “good” for me and it led to taking Friday – Sunday (today)…completely OFF!

Bear and I went to town on Friday morning – EARLY! We stopped for a walk on the way and then I took my time doing some food shopping at a few locations – locations with good shade parking and it was early.

Then I had a chance to talk with my boss and friend of 13 years duration and also my neighbor and friend of 8 years duration and I prayed and I thought and I finally settled and let go of the light work week and took the weekend to find my peace.

I found it.

I found peace in the kindness and thoughtfulness of my boss, my neighbor, my folks, and the quiet of my home space…

“We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our Attitudes.” Charles Swindoll


My reaction is quiet.

And solitude.

And time with dear Bear and Auggie.

That tail – that tail alone makes me smile and laugh.

And this tail.

This tail in sweet slumber on my bed.


And even the weather cooperated with cool temps…

…and sweet rain!

Sweet tails/tales of a week that is ultimately VERY good. I am grateful for the challenging, for the support, for the love and peace and for all lessons learned.

Sweet tales indeed.

*** in light of last week’s uber-light work week, this coming week will be head’s down and full speed ahead work-wise so posts may be light/non-existent as I catch up. Happy Week!