Topping Up

“DANGER, Will Robinson”!!!

This is an RV Maintenance post.

Turn away if RV Maintenance bores you to tears!!

Battery water was checked for the three batteries under the steps and all were fine: CHECK!

Oil, transmission fluid, coolant and windshield wiper solution next.

Oil and coolant were low.

All fluids are now topped up!

All very WINTER items (coats, hats, boots) are loaded.

Friday, I will go room to room in the house with my reusable bags and collect all that needs to go on board.

Topping Up!

Sunday Sliver

A beautiful clear morning at 7:24 a.m. As I write this, at 8:03 which is sunrise here, a foggy mist is rising in the woods.

It is 39F, forecast to be sunny with a high of 62F and tomorrow to 68F. It is still shorts weather – on October 19 and 20!

Happy Sunday!

The week before

I’ve been head down, nose to the grindstone this past week…


ROAD TRIP is a week away!!

As long as the sky does not fall nor too much snow (not in the forecast), Bear, Auggie and I are set to board Wild Thing and roll in a generally southerly direction to my folks.

Loading has commenced.

Both Wild Thing and Jeeper have had a multitude of maintenance and are ready to roll.

I am also.

The plan is to finish loading and go when ready next Friday. The first night is always a short hop of 110 miles and from there direction will be determined by weather.


I’ve been wanting to get a game camera and with the excuse of keeping an eye on things while we’re gone, I bought one.

I have it temporarily on the ladder so I can move it around and decide which tree and how high on the tree to get the best view.

It is rather a cool thing. It has a motion sensor and you can set how long after motion is detected to either take photos or video and how many/how long. At night, the infrared thing kicks in.

Below is the first capture of wild life.

Pretty wild, eh??? In case you are confused…Bear to the right (the 2 white dots are his eyes in infrared) and me on an after dinner down the driveway walk. Sunset is about 6:45 now, so it was full dark at 7:32.

I didn’t know until I saw the photos that the temperature and moon phase are also recorded.

I’m kind of happy with this thing.

Onward with preparations: the week before.

Montana Color

Montana does not have the blazing reds of the East-North Eastern Fall. That is ok with me. I love the Western gold-orange Fall…the birch, the Aspen and the Larch.

Color is on its way to peak here.

Bear and I headed to town this morning for some errands and a tiny bit of supply gathering.

On the way home…

Montana color.