Down the road: Missoula, MT

Loading went lickety-split this morning and we rolled down the road at 11:40 a.m.

I should have taken some extra time and cleaned nose prints off the window…

The color was beautiful even if these photos are not.

Snow on the Mission Mountains.

We arrived in Missoula about 2:30 with time to get settled before I had a 3:00 work session.

A walk, dinner and we are all beat.

And today is Bear’s 10th birthday so we had salmon for dinner. Happy Birthday, dear Bear.

Auggie’s first travel day was a little rough. He settled behind the couch and took quite awhile to come out. He finally came out and joined the party, but then…under the chair.

Tomorrow’s another day: on to Billings.

Food for the road

I typically cook on the road like I do at home. I love my RV kitchen – the propane cooktop is wonderful. Most RVrs cannot stand the propane oven, but I have no issue with it and make bread, crackers, pizza and even pie with no problems. But, to each their own!

Often, I do prep some things for when I’m driving several days in a row and also working before and/or after the day’s drive – which is the case for this Friday-Saturday-Sunday. AND, I had some things that store more compactly when cooked so this morning:

Chipotle-Tomato-beef sauce, broccoli, cauliflower and chicken breasts were popped into the oven very early and then into the refrigerator to cool.

The broccoli and cauliflower are in mason jars to be used as side dishes or quick snacks.

The sauce and chicken are packed in single serving snack zips and then a larger zip and in the freezer. I started freezing single servings of sauce, meat, rice, beans, fruit and vegetables about 6 months ago and really like that I can pull out what I want for what I feel like eating. That kind of de-constructed freezing instead of freezing a specific meal lets me make soup, pasta, tacos or burrito, etc. The little zips thaw enough fairly fast to allow emptying them into a sauce pan to warm. And I don’t have a huge amount of leftover whatever that MUST BE EATEN whether it sounds good or not. Again, to each their own…leftovers once is fine, after that I mostly am ready for something different.

Tonight, there was enough “leftover” sauce and broccoli that did not fit in the containers to make my supper.

Some spaghetti squash is hiding under the sauce so it was squash with tomato beef sauce, roast broccoli and a bit of pecorino-romano with some crusty bread..

Food for the road and for the last supper before hitting the road. We roll tomorrow!

Topping Up

“DANGER, Will Robinson”!!!

This is an RV Maintenance post.

Turn away if RV Maintenance bores you to tears!!

Battery water was checked for the three batteries under the steps and all were fine: CHECK!

Oil, transmission fluid, coolant and windshield wiper solution next.

Oil and coolant were low.

All fluids are now topped up!

All very WINTER items (coats, hats, boots) are loaded.

Friday, I will go room to room in the house with my reusable bags and collect all that needs to go on board.

Topping Up!

Sunday Sliver

A beautiful clear morning at 7:24 a.m. As I write this, at 8:03 which is sunrise here, a foggy mist is rising in the woods.

It is 39F, forecast to be sunny with a high of 62F and tomorrow to 68F. It is still shorts weather – on October 19 and 20!

Happy Sunday!