From the south shore

I live near the north shore of Flathead Lake. Polson, Montana sits on the south shore of Flathead Lake. I had an appointment in Polson today. After, Bear and I went to a park by the lake. Despite the snow, the sun was shining and it felt warm – warm unlike Winter.

I love Winter, but the warm sun felt so good. It felt like a mini-vacation and I did not want to leave. I let Bear sniff and explore while I enjoyed the warm sun.

From the south shore.

Mid-Winter Light

We are just about half way through Winter … by the Calendar, i.e. 6 1/2 weeks from Winter Solstice and about 7 1/2 weeks until the Vernal Equinox.

There is noticeably more daylight here at 48 North Latitude: the sun’s arc a bit more northerly. This is the sweet spot of light for me with the morning and afternoon-evening light at such an angle as to be most pleasing and peaceful.

Bear and I took a before supper walk in the woods at 5:00 p.m. last evening. Just weeks ago, it would have been full dark at this time.

In addition to the beautiful light, we had four inches of fresh, powdery snow – mostly from the wee hours of Monday morning. We had freshened up our walking/snowshoe trails at lunchtime so had an easy time on this late-in-the-day walk.

Peek-a-boo snow covered mountains!

And ditto to some peachy alpenglow.

Mid-Winter Light.