Farmer’s Market: opening day and an Easter Sunday video

It was a stellar start to Kalispell Farmer’s Market.

It didn’t snow.

It didn’t rain.

The sun was shining!

Yes, it started cool, but there was NO precipitation and the SUN WAS SHINING!!!

Bear and I were about 15 minutes late for the absolute start, but still.

What a grand day.

The loot: Eggs and cheese curds from Flathead Cheese, an arnica salve from Montana Folk Remedies, Chocolates from JC Chocolates, Spring Greens, tomatoes and Persian cucumbers from MountainView Gardens (hydroponic) and woven placemats from Martha’s Weaving.

The eggs are beautifully colored by nature for Easter!

We came home…

…and enjoyed the continued sunshine.

The closet door was hung!

Farmer’s Market: opening day.

Today, Easter Sunday, I took the below video. It is marginal but I included as it gives an idea of our walks. I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong with the video outside or if it is just the woods that confuses the camera or ???

Don’t try to watch it full screen – it is best in the small window.

***House maintenance notes for ME: Changed water filter (uneventfully!) and cleared washer discharge (1 lb. lye with hot water before and much after)

Lilac buds

Every year at this time I take photos of the lilac buds.

I think they are beautiful.

And they are the first thing to bloom in my yard.

The day lilies are 6 inches tall.

The rhubarb is up.

The lily of the valley shoots are about an inch out of the ground.

But the lilacs will be the first things to bloom and the buds are so pretty as they grow and unfold.

It is Passover and Holy Week…overlapping. Both speak to new life, albeit in different ways.

Chag Sameach or Happy Easter – whichever you celebrate!

Scenes from a Tuesday

No lunar eclipse photos.

I was out shortly after 1:15 a.m.

It was beautiful: 44F, stars in the sky and the eclipsed or partly clouded moon visible from the yard so no Jeep trip needed.

But the moon was so dark…I didn’t even try.

But my neighbor did – about an hour later and got the RED!!! I have to up my game for October.

Bear and I had a wonderful early (VERY early) Tuesday walk down the driveway, though.

Auggie stayed in bed until we returned and I got a cheese snack ready for all of us – he got out of bed for cheese!

A slow start to the workday after our early excursion, but got my day in.

And then it got cold.

It started raining.

Late afternoon.


My faithful dog.

No sitting out in the chairs, this rainy evening.

Auggie kept an eye on the woods… for a little while…

And then settled for a toasty fireside nap.